P O W E R   H O U R 

The How To Your Why


We are all here to do our work TOGETHER. We are all here to raise the vibration and consciousness of the WHOLE.  My work is to work with you to understand your message and how to share it with clarity.


Power Hour is a unique formula.  It is a process to reveal your unique messaging, purpose and direction in your business and life for it is all connected. An intuitive business process connecting your gifts, your circumstance, your purpose, your passions, your journey, your failures and your destiny.  We are all here to do something great.  Now one is YOU and this is your POWER.  I believe that when your core motivations are aligned with your true purpose and passion your message will be received

By carefully assessing her intricate client-service background, Shauna devoted years of her life constructing and perfecting the ‘Power Hour’, a unique process that marries 20 years of learning communication strategies that work with her intuitive ability to help people define their key messaging and goals. Conventional PR campaigns require exuberant contracts that are financially demanding, and for many, rather restrictive both in expense and perspective. As an alternative to this common theme, the ‘Power Hour’ offers an intimate and one-on-one experience that allows clients to comprehensively explore their options, identify each unique component of their goals, and forge a clearly defined plan to blend every element of their PR needs into one simple blueprint. The essence of this process is rooted in Shauna’s “wholistic” approach, offering a flexibility that facilitates a bespoke experience, with insurmountable room for growth. Most importantly, it opens up infinite possibilities for any brand or entrepreneur. From brand development, to clear messaging, design and social media direction, this strategy can be taken on either personally, or with guidance from our mother agency Ireland+Hall as a ‘Power Up’.


A solution for Healers, Energy Workers, Innovators and Creators

Because it is my belief that everything is connected energetically you may experience triggers personally related to your business. Things may not be going as planned, you are facing unforeseen challenges…. Lets get on a call or sit down one on one and reveal the deeper meaning and understanding of your current challenges. They are presented to assist in your growth and I can help you to connect back to you why. Fresh insights when you are faced with blocks. Let’s work together to lift you up and through. 

One-on-one in person or phone call consultation with me as your intuitive business coach, clear understanding of a situation that arise, contrastive insight and grounding perspective.

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A formula that aligns conscious business strategies with the fundamentals of PR
How do you define the work that you do when no one has done it in quite the same way?
We work with you to help you gain a clear perspective. This work consists of three stages: Introspection Direction Results

The POWER HOUR formula is the HOW to your WHY.



Because there is not a standard plan to follow, you have to create your own, and as someone that understands the challenge of seeing in entirety what you have created when you’re so immersed in it, a “wholistic” perspective is essential.

Alas, The Power Hour– a formula that aligns conscious business strategies with the foundations of PR, Branding, Marketing and Communications to deliver your unique blueprint; a plan that is your power.

The times we are living in are accelerating us towards or next level of higher doing, thinking, delivering, serving, helping and loving, and as people begin to wake up to their purpose, they need to understand what they do and HOW they do it.

I work with you to define your key messaging, goals, and to articulate your why and deliver the plan that clarifies your HOW.


Partner with a full-scale agency to put your individualized plan into action

Once you receive your blueprint and plan, we have a tribe to support you. An internationally well versed boutique agency that understands the importance of energy in business and GETS SHIFT done.  

The Tribe – www.irelandandhall.com

I firmly believe that PR is an abbreviation for power, which has set the foundation for an empowering boutique communications agency Ireland+Hall, which I co-founded with my ‘yang’ Lowell Hall. Together we help businesses both build themselves from the ground up and re-establish their dynamics by reinvigorating and realigning their message with their purpose. Ireland+Hall’s strongest assets are rooted in the worlds of entertainment, health, wellness, and higher-conscious living where we help clients reach unprecedented territory.

We position greatness where recognition is due.
We are not your traditional PR agency.
We are an extension of you; everything is connected.
Reach out with your story & details and I will get back to you at the earliest