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The Mama Mala

So excited to reveal my co creation with @threeelementsjewelry the Align and Shine Mama Mala. I have been so inspired by her work and malas have always been a staple in my spiritual life( meditation practice) and they are one of my top go to fashion statement pieces so together we created a powerful piece for all of the luminous mamas out there!!! 108 beads( a sacred number) 1 stands for God, the universe and your own highest truth, 0 stands for emptiness and humility in spiritual practice, the 8 stands for infinity and timelessness. each expressing our devotion, gem stones contains healing properties and potent energies. This divine mala especially made for mamas is created with Wood which offers grounding, Howlite which promotes awareness and communication, it relieves stress of all kinds and is super calming. Turquoise promotes friendship ( so important to have a community when you are a mama!) Rose quartz the ultimate love stone that opens up the heart chakra allowing all types of love to come through…unconditional love. It can raise self esteem and self worth. We decided to use a Raw Clear quartz pendant at the end rather than a traditional tassel. (Babies love grabbing the tassels). This is the ultimate healer, the supreme gift of Mother Earth. Ancients believe that these stones are alive, and incarnations of the divine. My wish is for you to wear this mala, to be open and ready to receive. Allow higher guidance to come through, to feel strong and supported and energized. Order yours now. $99 here

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Women hold the secrets of creation

We as women hold the secrets of creation. The sacredness in matter and how we need to reawaken this aspect of life on earth. There is interconnectivity in life, primarily within and of course with each other. There is a wholeness emerging. This journey through pregnancy has helped me remain true to essential nature. It’s magical. A healing experience, completely exposed…. Learning to listen… To be receptive. To be vulnerable, to ask questions, to reach out and to go deeper within. Grateful for the beautiful souls in my life circle. We are one.

The moment I first knew

The moment I found out that a life was being created inside of me I felt an instant shift through all of my beings. Imagine what is happening to your energetic body while creating a human!!!! You must be at a certain vibration for this miracle to manifest! I am curious and want to know more so am on a quest to learn, discover and share. There is not a lot of information out there informing us about all of these quantum leaps. Most of what we are told pertains to what happens to your physical body but…we are made of so much more. Join me on this journey of discovery.  Read more about my journey.


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