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“My role is being a vivacious storyteller, a service provider for those doing higher-level work as we collectively move towards a global awakening.”

I have experience in Public Relations, Branding, Marketing, Communications, and Events; this is my “professional” side.  I like to have fun; I am creative, a wild and free spirit, I am also a yoga instructor, “seer” and at the core a mystic.  A mystic is someone who understands, connects, and maps the invisible roads that make up our lives, someone with a “wholistic” perspective.

Throughout my life after many challenges, experiences, mistakes, accomplishments, breakdowns and breakthroughs, I have found meaning and a way in which I can navigate these inner highways just as one would move on the external plane of existence.

Through practicing self-awareness and deep breaths, I awoke to the “meaning” of everything on my path. And once I was able to authentically step into my power, I could see that my role is being a vivacious storyteller, a service provider for those doing higher-level work as we collectively move towards a global awakening.

I have lived all over the world doing a variety of things from dancing in Vegas to designing a clothing line in Istanbul. I have always followed my soul path, and anytime I have ignored that inner voice something big would happen to remind and redirect me. These turbulent times taught me to align+shine, a mantra that dictates my business and personal life for both realms are undoubtedly connected. I trust this now, and my goal is to assist others to do the same.

It seems that I show up in people’s lives when they are ready to cross a threshold into more consciousness, creativity, innovation, and awakening. Together we create and communicate ways to share your message.

The planet does not need more “successful people.”The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds”- Dali Lama



Its not about being in the spotlight, its about shining your light.

Shauna Ireland is a powerhouse, who has the rare ability of being able to understand from her heart what you are doing, and to structure it in ways you didn’t even see possible. The difference with Shauna is that what she feeds back to you is actually aligned to who you are, and the path that feels good to you. I’m a big believer that business structures must feel good, and Shauna somehow, by seeing into the depths of your soul, identifying your gifts, working with your nature, and creating a structure FROM that, delivers ones that do. She works with her head and heart together, which our world needs! We’re only partway into our work together, and she’s already changed my life. She actually cares, and is there to support you 100%. In our power hour work, she called me into my power, and got me to create a better structure for myself. My session rate has already gone up to $222 per hour, and I can actually see the road ahead more clearly. Shauna is your cheerleader, authentic, and accomplishes more than I’ve seen another human being do in a very long time!   I didn’t really understand exactly what the power hour was getting into it, but what I did trust is Shauna’s authenticity and how she was already supporting me before our work began. When I received the results, I was mind blown. I actually cried, because she saw me, and helped me better understand, and articulate the power of, what I was doing.   Work with Shauna! It’s time to build business from alignment with the heart energy and your Soul’s path. Let her help you in the mapmaking."

Shelly Burton
Medical Anthropologist + Energy Medicine Woman

Shauna Ireland is an exceptional find. She does just what she claims aligns and shines. She brings relationships from her past positions and current together to help her clients and friends flourish. She has integrity and foreward thinking perspective that is uncommon in business today. I wholeheartedly endorse Shauna.

Dr. Chris Oswald,
CEO, Musclecare and President Centre for Fitness Health and Performance

Shauna is of a rare breed of service providers that does not get caught up in redundancy of strategy but focuses on execution. She makes things happen, she gets things done and pulls rabbits out of hats. Shauna’s hard working ethic and passion for pulling people together are key to her success and I am proud to have her on my side!

Jennifer Broe
Founder of Baby Gourmet